What is SureSmile?

SureSmileTwaddle Orthodontics is the most technologically advanced orthodontic practice in mid Missouri. With features like an in-house lab, iCat cone beam X-ray machine, and 3-D SureSmile software, Twaddle Orthodontics is able to provide the highest quality treatment, in less time than conventional orthodontics.

Dr. Twaddle is the leading provider of SureSmile in mid-Missouri, as well as the only orthodontist in Columbia using an iCat cone beam scanner to capture 3-D digital models of patients’ oral anatomy. SureSmile involves the pairing of 3-D imaging technology and orthodontic appliances like custom arch wires and aligners, to maximize efficiency during the treatment plan. Patients who have been treated using SureSmile, are spending about 30% less time in braces, when compared to conventional orthodontics.

How Does It Work?

A scan is taken to create a 3-D image of your entire oral anatomy. From this 3-D image, Dr. Twaddle is able to see every tooth and root position, from every angle. By observing a wider area of the natural anatomy of teeth and jaw positioning in the mouth, Dr. Twaddle is able to position each tooth in the exact location he wants it to be, when the patient is finished with treatment. We call this method prescription input. Once the treatment plan is established, and Dr. Twaddle has completed his prescription, he sends this information to the SureSmile lab. SureSmile technology then uses robotics to bend a series of custom arch wires, which are used in conjunction with your braces to move the teeth more efficiently than traditional methods of wire bending. This phenomenal system allows for advanced treatment planning, which yields to more efficient and quicker results. For patients, this is fantastic, because it means less time in braces, fewer appointments throughout treatment, meaning less time out of school and work, and stunningly stable results.

What Are the Benefits?

Incorporating SureSmile into treatment is not only beneficial to Dr. Twaddle when developing each treatment plan, but SureSmile offers major benefits to each patient as well. These main benefits can be summed up in four distinct areas: time, frequency of appointments, comfort, and proactive planning.

Patients spend less time wearing braces, which is not only a benefit in terms of patients wanting their braces off sooner, but it also leads to better overall oral health. When braces are placed on teeth, excellent oral hygiene becomes a bigger priority than ever. If the braces are off sooner, patients are less likely to experience post- treatment staining and plaque build-up.

Frequency of Appointments
Patients treated with SureSmile are able to go longer periods of time between adjustment appointments, because the SureSmile wires are doing a lot of the work just being in the patient’s mouth. This means fewer instances of missing school and work for our patients and parents.

As previously mentioned, SureSmile patients experience less frequent appointments as well as fewer wire changes. Most patients go through 2-3 sets of SureSmile wires until active treatment is complete. The majority of discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment is due to changing arch wires and adjustment appointments. Because both of these appointments are less frequent, patients experience fewer episodes of discomfort.

Proactive Planning
Proactive treatment planning simply means Dr. Twaddle is able to plan the entire treatment process from the beginning, using the digital software. This would not be possible without our iCat cone beam X-ray machine and utilizing SureSmile technology. Without a 3-D image, Dr. Twaddle would not be able to observe and monitor root positioning. Root positioning is essential when creating a stable result for our patients.

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