FAQWhat happens during my first visit?

At your first visit, we will take initial records consisting of photographs and an X-ray scan. We will make sure all initial paperwork is in order; and you will have a chance to meet the team and tour our office. We will finish in the consultation room, where you will meet with Dr. Twaddle for an exam and discuss the treatment plan. Following the exam, our treatment coordinator will discuss financial options and develop a timeline to begin treatment.

What are my financial options?

Twaddle Orthodontics provides a variety of payment plans, including a discounted paid-in-full option, as well as in-office financing at zero percent interest.

Do you except orthodontic insurance?

We accept most dental plans providing orthodontic insurance. We will call your insurance company to check on the details of your plan; and when orthodontic insurance is provided, Twaddle Orthodontics will file the claim for you.

How does scheduling work?

Twaddle Orthodontics sees patients Monday through Thursday. We typically reserve early morning and end of the day spots for our quick-check adjustment appointments. The adjustment appointment will be your most common visit during treatment; therefore, we like to keep the before and after school slots available for those frequent appointments.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call ahead so we can offer that time to another patient. If you are running late for an appointment, please call our office to notify.

How important is oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment?

Having excellent oral hygiene while in treatment is one of our top concerns. While in treatment, it is important to continue to see your general dentist for cleanings every six months. Twaddle Orthodontics provides patients with several tools to help keep your mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy during treatment. Patients who consistently receive an  A for oral hygiene will be rewarded through our Twaddle Token program.

What do those terms mean anyway?

Bonding: The process of attaching brackets to your teeth using a special safe adhesive.

Debond: The removal of cemented orthodontic brackets.

Impressions: The first step in making a plaster model of your teeth; you bite into a container filled with a rubber- type material. That material hardens to produce a mold of your teeth.

Interproximal reduction (IPR): The removal of small amounts of outer enamel tooth surface between two adjacent teeth. It is  a   means to  acquire additional space to create ideal tooth alignment, typically done in extreme crowding cases.

Malocclusion: Imperfect positioning of the bite relationship.

Records: Involves an X-ray scan, photographs of your face and teeth, and any other piece of  information needed prior, during, and after your treatment to evaluate and track case progress.

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