Hybrid Treatment

Hybrid TreatmentHybrid treatment uses a combination of braces and removable aligners to move teeth. When patients are candidates for hybrid orthodontics, they spend around 12 weeks in braces at the start of treatment. This stimulates tooth movement, and allows Dr. Twaddle to begin the stages of unraveling crowded teeth more efficiently than using aligners alone to move the teeth. Once the patient completes his or her initial 12 weeks of treatment, the braces are removed and the patient is ready to continue treatment using clear, removable aligners. The aligners are very similar to Invisalign; but rather than being sent to a third-party lab, our clear aligners are made in our own lab, keeping costs down for our patients. Hybrid treatment is a great affordable alternative to comprehensive treatment for qualifying patients.

Am I A Candidate For Hybrid Treatment?

Most patients seeking to correct mild to moderate crowding and spacing are candidates for hybrid treatment. Patients with severe bite discrepancies, missing permanent teeth, and other advanced issues will most likely need more comprehensive orthodontic treatment. To confirm if you are candidate for hybrid treatment, call our office to schedule your free consultation.

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