Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is not just for children and teens. Today, many adults are receiving treatment to improve the health of their teeth, and correct alignment concerns that may have been bothersome for many years. Due to improvements in technology and orthodontic appliances, treatment has become much more comfortable for patients. At Twaddle Orthodontics, we offer many treatment options to qualifying patients to be able to deliver the best possible treatment result, in a way which makes the patient comfortable and confident when progressing through treatment.

Do I Have to Wear Braces?

If braces are recommended to best treat orthodontic concerns, we offer a great clear bracket which does not stain or chip. We also offer lingual brackets, which are placed behind the teeth; therefore, completely out of view. Many adult patients are candidates for clear aligner treatment, which involves a series of clear, removable trays for your teeth. We also offer hybrid treatment, which incorporates both braces and aligners into the treatment plan. Hybrid treatment is a great option for a patient requiring slightly more movement than what aligners can provide alone, yet he or she does not want to spend much time wearing braces. See our Hybrid Treatment page for more information. To find out the recommended treatment method for you, call our office to schedule your free consultation.

How Long Will I Be in Treatment?

Most of our adult patients spend 18-24 months in active orthodontic treatment. This estimated time frame in which you are in treatment depends on the level of correction we are seeking to achieve and the type of appliance we are using to get to the final result. In many cases, wearing braces is going to be the most efficient way to achieve your perfect smile. Having a bracket on each tooth allows Dr. Twaddle more control when manipulating movement and creating stability within the roots.


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