Types of Braces

Orthodontic treatment with braces has advanced immensely just in the last few decades. Technology improvements have altered our materials so braces don’t have to be bulky and uncomfortable. We offer a variety of treatment options when considering braces.

Silver Metal BracketsSilver Metal Brackets

These are the most common type of brackets used on our adolescent patients. They are small and easy to clean around. We have a variety of colored ties (which go around each bracket to hold the wire in place) to choose from, as well as silver and clear ties for less noticeability.

Gold Metal BracketsGold Metal Brackets

Gold brackets are also small and easy to manage. For some patients, the gold color blends nicely with the gums and complexion. Many patients choose to pair gold brackets on the lower teeth with clear brackets on the uppers.

Clear Ceramic BracketsClear Ceramic Brackets

Clear brackets are popular with adults and older teens, as they are significantly less noticeable than the metal brackets.  Our clear brackets are of the highest quality, so they do not stain, chip, or break.

Lingual (Invisible) BracesLingual (Invisible) Braces

Lingual braces are silver brackets that are placed behind the teeth (known as the lingual side); therefore, the braces are completely hidden from view. Patients have the option to choose complete lingual treatment on both the upper and lower teeth; or partial lingual treatment, which consists of lingual braces on either the upper or lower teeth, with labial braces (brackets on the outside) on the opposing arch.

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